For the Clumsy Mother

If you’re the type who loses your keys often, always leaves your car lights on, gets caught with your clothes inside out, goes to the store to buy dinner because you are desperate for a meal, only to drive home and realize you left the rotisserie chicken at the store, know that you are NOT alone.

Perhaps you’re a mom and secretly you admit that you may be clumsier than your little ones. It’s okay, REALLY.  You are NOT alone.  While I prefer not to label myself, I do tend to be (gulp) quite absentminded. Could I just consider myself more of the “creative” type??

Others tend to blame my forgetfulness on motherhood, but truthfully I know it has little to do with my babies.  Being a mom can be really frustrating when you already make a ton of mistakes on your own.  Whereas in singleness my mistakes stayed contained, in marriage and motherhood, my clumsy habits at times seem to make everything worse.  At least they made me feel ten times worse.

Thankfully, my husband gives me grace whether it be dropping dishes, leaving things on when they should be off or something of the like.  He is a gift from God and continues to cherish me despite my shortcomings.  And when I mess up a meal, he can totally whip up a backup on his own.  Am I blessed? Oh yes.

Giving myself grace has been more of a problem.  Especially since it is so easy to compare myself to the type A, always-got-it-together mother. You know what I mean. The beautiful people who arrive on time, with their hair lookin nice and their children who come with matching socks and coordinating outfits.  Who are sophisticated and composed, even on their worst days.

And that’s why I am thankful for aging because with each year, I have learned to give myself more grace when mistakes happen.  It has only happened with time.  I am realizing and so thankful to realize it, that God has made me EXACTLY the way he wanted me to be.  That though I may forget sugar in the sugar cookies (yes it has happened), I have a God who has it perfectly and always together.  He makes up for ALL my shortcomings. And I am so glad.  With all that said, I have put together a list of things for my fellow clumsy funny beautiful and forgetful mommas.  You are God’s masterpiece too! But perhaps you’ve got that same clutzy gene like I do.  My prayer for you is that you would give yourself a lot of grace. And maybe this list of my lifesavers can help you too.  Please comment if you have any tips to share!

Slip on shoes – Something that saves me EVERYday is slip on shoes.  I wish I had discovered them earlier.  Does this ever happen to you? When I finally get my kids loaded into the car, I realize that I left my keys inside, or my waterbottle…or maybe somebody’s lunch or shoes…whatever the case. Sneakers with shoelaces seem to rub it in that “I am such a mess!” or “I suck!” but slip on shoes… MAN, they make life so much easier.  Recommendations: I have Bearpaw Emma boots that are SOO soft and comfortable and Skecher GoWalks that I paid about $50 for that were worth every cent.

Electronic door lock – At our last home, I locked myself out a little too often and embarrassingly, I also locked my daughter inside the home a few time when she was a baby.  Talk about stress, breakdowns, crying and making friends with neighbors when all is lost! When we moved to our new home, my husband wisely bought an electronic door lock which prevents me from ever locking myself out.  I am proud to share that for the past three years, I have not had an incident (which is good because I now have three little ones and cannot REPEAT CANNOT handle that type of drama.  I’d also like to say that my car does not allow me to lock the keys in the car.  It just doesn’t allow it and that itself is a gift from GOD!

Portable Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger Power Bank – Maybe you have a fancy car, but mine is just a 2004 Honda CRV which does NOT signal me when my lights are still on.  In the last two months, I may have left my lights on a little too many times and have made good friends with people who have helped me jump my car.  I know who has jumper cables! I was given one of these portable car jump starters to borrow but THIS is what you need if you have kids and you love to leave the car lights on.  Praise God awesome inventions.

GEICO – When I have locked my keys in my other car, GEICO to the rescue.  Sometimes I forget that they have roadside assistance, but if you are anything like me, be sure to keep the number for your roadside assistance handy! Then instead of melting down outside your car or waving down strangers for help, you can just call GEICO.  That is if you didn’t lock your phone/wallet in the car…

Emergency Bag in the Car – Whether you’re clumsy or not, having an emergency diaper bag in the car is a must have.  Extra diapers, extra wipes, extra clothes for the kids and even for yourself eases the stress and can ease the pressure of trying to remember everything when you leave the house.

As I remember more tips, they will be shared!