Gift Ideas for Grandparents (or Nursing Moms)


The older one gets, the less one often needs.  Have you ever considered that with each year, someone likely receives less gifts, less visits, less phone calls, etc.?  Gifts (check out my post on Gifts for Grandma) are often a sign of love. While we shower people with gifts during the holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby showers and even retirement parties, how often do we shower the elderly with love through our gift giving?

Would it bring a smile to their face? It could.

Are there some elderly people you know whose love language is receiving gifts? Very possibly so.

During this season, don’t forget to think of something thoughtful for Grandma/Grandpa.  Maybe the gift itself may not get used, but perhaps the act of receiving a gift will bring someone the thrill of being thought of.

So if you are brainstorming and stuck in a rut over of what to get Grandma/Grandpa or your aging parents this season, here are some things to consider:

  1.  Motion sensor night lights (also a great gift for nursing and moms of infants)  – Consider it a functional yet thoughtful gift that will be remembered every time your grandparent/parent wakes up at night (to get a drink, to use the bathroom, to chill out because sleep is not happening).  Every time the night light senses you are around, it turns on ITSELF!!!! AMAZING.  There are two types I highly recommend and I think purchasing both are not a bad idea.  The first is the kind that needs to be plugged in.  I have one from Costco that allows you to remove the nightlight and use it as a portable flashlight.  The second are the magnetic/sticker type motion sensor night lights that can light up areas that lack outlets. The result?  A completely lit up walkway.  There is no need to flip on and flip off light switches and there is no need to wake up everyone else in the house.  Having worked on falls prevention at one of my previous jobs, think of these as a GREAT thoughtful and lifesaving gift for your loved one.  I, for one, will be purchasing these into my old age.
  2.  The ECHO/ECHO Dot (also a great gift for a mom of many little ones) – Sometimes we don’t listen to music because we are too lazy.  Or it’s just not worth it (though it is). Allow the Beach Boys or the Big Bands or maybe Chinese opera to liven up the home of your loved one. Get them an ECHO, link it to Spotify or Pandora. Set up some stations they like and then watch them venture into their happy place when they hear their favorite tunes.  Consider this a gift that keeps giving. And even if they can’t figure out how to use it on their own (which in time they will), when you visit, use it as a conversation starter by showing them each time how to use the device.
  3. An orange and a kiss – For many Christmas’ (as a child and an adult) my grandma only requested “an orange and a kiss.”  All this was code to mean that she sincerely did not want a thing and our hugs and kisses were simply enough. Maybe your grandparent really doesn’t want another thing, so instead give him/her a Snickers bar (which was my grandpa’s version of the orange) and then shower them with an extra dose of physical affection to top it off. I’m pretty sure you won’t go wrong.

That’s all I have time for now, but please share your best gift ideas too by commenting below.  I am sure you have some great ideas.  Would love to hear what’s worked or not.  Merry Christmas and may this season bring you much joy!