Looking Out for Baby #3

I have a thing for #3’s.  In my family, I am the third child.  Ironically, I didn’t really plan to have three children (surprise!). But there you go, God gave me another treasure.  And probably for good reason because I advocate for those #3’s I tell you.

Being pregnant wiped me out the third time around.  I didn’t get to lay down and nap when I was tired and my little ones weren’t too empathetic that I was carrying a kicking watermelon around in my belly for nine months.  They sat on me, called for “MOMMMY!” just as often and enjoyed being defiant regularly.

Despite exhaustion, I refused to lax and was determined to finish that Shutterfly book to remember my third pregnancy.  I made Waiting for Madeleine (pregnancy #1) and Waiting of Samuel (pregnancy #2) and there was no way #3 was not going to get his.  So after many late nights and in the middle of the night sessions, Waiting for Benjamin was sent off and is now sitting on the shelf with its other siblings.

During this same pregnancy, my husband and I had the chance to have a getaway without the kids (hallelujah!) What did we do? My husband fished and hung out near a dock, while I sat quietly inside and picked up my crocheting needle for the first time in years.  Rest assured, we chatted during mealtimes and did have time together. But let me tell you, we really enjoyed the solitude we got to ourselves too.=)

My grandma taught me how to crochet early on and since being inducted into the crochet world, I’ve made a MILLION scarves in different patterns and colors. And then I made a sweater and even pants for my first baby.  At the time, I wasn’t wise enough to know that girls have opinions about what they wear and are quite sassy, you know.  Sure enough, I got a picture of Miss Maddie wearing the apparel. But that was it. After all those hours of work!

With #3, I was a little wiser and decided to try making my first blanket.  It was perfect. I could use it on little Ben early on and he had no choice or say as to whether he liked or not (yes, it really was for my satisfaction).

The lady who got me started.

I made the finishing touches on my blanket while in the hospital hanging out overnight with my grandma a few months before baby #3 came.  My grandma refused to sleep in the bed and so there I was a preggo lady sleeping in my grandma’s hospital bed crocheting away.  We had some quality time together. She smiled pleased with baby’s blankie and in the end, Mama went home healthy.  Here’s to my latest DIY (even if it was almost two years ago!)