W/Kids: A Series on Adjusting to Motherhood

I have yet to find a mom who doesn’t agree that motherhood is tough, tiring and then some more!  Every Monday (or maybe Tuesday) for the next few weeks, I will sharing a different post on how to blog, run, friend and grieve WITH KIDS. While it is easy to say that I have figured it all out (after all I do have three children), I am so far from knowing it all; frankly I am glad to be surviving!

Take my reflections and tips with a grain of salt knowing that I cannot see all perspectives and I have only lived the life of one mother.  I am also begging you to slip in your two-sense as to how you cope with each area of motherhood! Comment on each post so we can learn from each other. =) Did I mention this is the FIRST series I have done in over five years??! Here we go!

Check out Blogging W/Kids and Grieving W/Kids.