1. It’s Not Just Me – Karen (Grandparent Edition)

Today is the first day of my new series called, It’s Not Just Me.  Anybody excited???  Through this series we get to look into the lives of others who love on and have been deeply loved by the older people in their lives. It’s a chance to honor the old and remind them that there is GOLD in the old!
It’s Not Just Me – Karen (Grandparent Edition)

Our first feature on this series is Karen!  She is a….. oh there’s not just one word to describe her.  Let’s see, she’s a mom of two boys, not to mention she makes so many things homemade, handmade and makes it look beautiful and easy.  She also happens to be a runner, which I am a complete fan of.   Creative? ACTIVE? nurturing??  Amazing. I also caught her honoring her grandma on FaceBook the other day and so I got a hold her despite the fact school has started for the kids and she also was in the middle of a move. Thank you KAREN!

Today we are featuring not just Karen, but her grandma who I happen to be SO fond of.  Karen’s grandma is 94 years old and  just by the looking in her eyes I’m sure you can tell she is a beautiful woman!

Before we start, here’s a quick Chinese (Cantonese) lesson.  In Cantonese, “poh poh” is a term you call your maternal grandma as well as other elderly women you meet.  I’ve known Karen’s grandma, Tam Poh Poh since my baby crying days and am honored for you to get to meet her.


Karen, tell us about your picture!

Karen: This lovely lady is my grandmother and my first sewing teacher ✂️?. We are both wearing clothes we made in this photo ?. My grandmother was my first sewing teacher mostly because I bugged her about wanting to use her sewing machine. She has a treadle sewing machine (that manually powered one where you have to use your feet to make it work). She taught me to sew straight lines to make little pillows.


What’s your grandma’s story?

Karen: She worked as a seamstress when she emigrated to the states. It was low paying and hard work. Knowing that my first stitches were taught by her inspires me to sew because it symbolizes her dedication and love to us. We are all blessed because she used this skill to provide a better life to her family.


What makes your grandma special? Anything she passed down to you?

Karen: My grandmother used to knit whenever she was listening to the radio or watching TV. Her hands were always doing something… I guess I get that from her… but I don’t have the patience to knit. She would knit little sweaters for her grandkids and I think the last piece was a little sweater vest for my older son. Her eyes are have gotten worse so she hasn’t knitted for a long time.


It’s Not Just Me!

As I mentioned, I’ve known Tam Poh Poh for awhile!  Tam Poh Poh was one of my grandmother’s longtime friends. When I would take my grandma to a seniors group at church years back, I would get to see this Poh Poh often.  She would always say “Bel Bel!” excitedly and give me a hug and a big smile.   Though she was about 10 years younger than my grandma, she was one of the ladies my grandma would randomly call when she just wanted a good chat. That’s right! You can have girlfriends when you’re really old!


A special thanks to Karen and Tam Poh Poh for their participation in our very first post of the series. If you liked today’s post, be sure to LIKE it on FaceBook and come back next Monday to meet another inspiring pair.