2. It’s Not Just Me – Pearl (Grandparent Edition)

Eeks, is it Monday again already??  If you ever thought loving old people was not the cool thing to do, think again.  Today Pearl is our It’s Not Just Me feature and she wanted to honor her grandfather on her mom’s side.  Her comment at the beginning of the interview was “I absolutely adore him!” so you kinda can feel the love already, can’t you? 

At a young 20, I consider Pearl (and all her friends/cousins) quite the fashionistas. They are cool, super hip, beautiful, and yes bright!  Pearl is currently a college student who is majoring in journalism with a focus on media journalism, so she is ready to use video, social media and all the new things to change this world! She also loves looking for the best bubble tea in town and love to play flag football!

Let’s learn from Pearl some creative ways we can love our grandparents and honor a man who is aging yet inspiring all along the way. Today’s interview is fun!


Okay Pearl, what do you love about your grandfather?

Pearl: I love how outgoing and confident he is and how his joy is so infectious to those around him. He will never show negativity around me and gives me a big bear hug every time he sees me.


What is one thing you do to make them smile or bless them?

Pearl: I make sure to always give him a hug when I see him and finish all the food he feeds me.


Is there any activity that you enjoy doing with your grandparent? 

Pearl: I could lose count on all the activities we did together ever since I was a kid. He would chase me and my sister around the house singing a certain tune he made up when my mom was a child and we would laugh and scream with excitement. Every one of my aunts and cousins know this tune by heart.

When I was little, I would go to his room and catch him practicing writing English in a notebook. He would let me sit in his lap and gave me his pen to hold. Then he put his hand over mine and practiced writing with me. I was so captivated by the gliding pen across the paper and how he would help me write perfect-looking letters.

We would always go swimming together. He would pick me and my sister up after school and we would drive to the pool for swim practice. While we were at practice he would be in the pool next to us swimming laps and then he would take us back home.

It’s not really an activity we did together but something he would always do that would make me feel so loved. When I was in middle school, I would have to catch a bus at 6:40 a.m. It was brutal. But during the times when my parents were gone on vacation or business trips, my grandparents would step in to take care of my sister and me. Only then would I look forward to waking up because it meant a warm and big breakfast. My grandpa cooked the oiliest, most salty fried eggs with a hot dog and it was the most delicious thing to me. He would wake up extra early to make sure we could wake up to the smell of eggs and hot dogs.


I love it. The oiliest, most salty…. so great. Okay, continue on.=)

When I got off the bus after school, he would always wave so excitedly and yell my name so I could find him, even though he was in the same exact spot every time. I used to be embarrassed because everyone could hear him, he yelled so loudly! But looking back, it is the cutest and funniest thing ever. I wish I could go back and share the same excitement of seeing him after school.


How old is he?

He claims to be the year of the Dragon on the Chinese Zodiac, year 1940, which would make him 78, but even my mom isn’t sure what year he’s born in. His claim is because he thinks dragons sound powerful.

Every time I do a good job on something, he raises his arm high in the air with a thumb up and yells, “100 percent!” in Cantonese. All my aunts and cousins know of this and see him do it all the time.

His eyebrows are the longest eyebrows I’ve ever seen and he is really proud of them. He used to comb and gel them to maintain the shape. I used to think my eyebrows were pretty bushy but then he would compliment them and say that I got my thick eyebrows from him. It made me embrace them!


If there is one thing he or she would like us to know in our “youth” what would that be? 

He always tells me to work hard and get good grades so I can relax when we’re older. He pretty much tells me this every time I see him. I think this is because he left school at 12 years old to work, so he didn’t have much of an education and wishes that he could have the educational opportunities that we did here in America.


What is do you think is the hardest thing about aging? 

The physicality of it all. Your eyesight, hearing and energy decrease and you start visiting the doctor a lot more. You have to watch out for your health… but that doesn’t stop him from eating more than one bowl of rice.


Pearl, thank you for sharing your grandpa with us.  You show us other ways to love our grandparents like giving a hug and eating all our food. I love that.

SHOW this to your grandpa, Pearl, and see if he raises his arm high in the air, gives a thumb up and yells, “100 percent!” in Canto. That would be a winner!!


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