3. It’s Not Just Me – Elle (Parent Edition)

Do you ever wonder how you will care for your aging parent when they really get old? Many of us jump to the details about how we will physically care for them, but before you even get to that, I think it’s ever so important to first find ways to honor our parents while they are still active and independent.  When our parents see that we respect and honor them (though we may not agree on all things), the trust that develops makes caregiving much easier (though not completely easy).

Today is the FIRST Parent Edition of It’s Not Just Me and we are featuring Elle and her special mom, Ms. Cole!  Elle is a good friend of mine, a fellow blogger (www.cleverlychanging.com), not to mention one of my faithful clothing swap buddies!  Oh yes, and on top of that, she is a mom of twin girls and a wife to her husband of almost 13 years.  AND a writer and an educator. Did you get all of that?


Elle’s mom is no less amazing and at 80 is still shining. When I first met Ms. Cole over five years ago, I remember her being one of the sweetest ladies. Though Elle’s mom does not live close to her, I think you will see how Elle finds creative ways to honor her mom.  I won’t spill the beans, but there is a really good story in here!!! Okay check out this amazing duo.


Hi Elle=)=), tell us about your relationship with your mom.

Elle: I am the youngest of 5 daughters. My mom had me at 45 years old and was surprised to be pregnant at that age. My oldest sibling was already married by the time I was born and most of my siblings did not live with us as I was growing up.


What’d you learn from her?

Elle: My mom loves helping people and that’s the greatest lesson she has instilled within me.


Can you tell us something unique about your relationship?

Elle: Hmmmm…something unique about our relationship is my mom is one of my biggest supporters, she believes that if I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything.


What do you love about your mom? 

Elle: The characteristic I love about my mother the most is that she is genuine. In a world where people often put on facades for “likes” or acceptance, my mother is always the same loving woman I grew up with and she authentically cares about other people. She loves easily without wanting anything in return.


To love without wanting in return. I think we could all learn from your mom.  Okay, what is one thing you do to bless your mom?   

Elle: Occasionally, I call my mom, but not nearly as often as she’d like. I’m not much of a phone person, but I’d love to call her more than I do. I also have my kids communicate with her over the phone.


Is there any activity that you enjoy doing with your mom?

Elle: When we are together I try to spend quality time with her. We enjoy taking walks with each other.


So, in Elle’s blog she wrote once about how as the baby of her family she typically gave her mom handmade gifts most of her life, that is until last year! This is a blurb from Elle’s blog this year where she shared one of the sweetest/coolest gifts she gave her mom.

My mom is 80 now, and lets me know exactly what she wants. One year ago, she told me she wanted a plane ride. After sending me to school and supplying all of my needs that have enabled me to travel, she had never been on an airplane. Graciously, I granted the plane ride and a hotel stay. She was elated.


Elle, I think the gift you gave your mom will give her warm fuzzies and smiles for so many years to come.  I love my daughter’s handmade cards, but when she is dry of Mother’s Day ideas and older I am totally sending her your way!  I think you and your mom are so amazing!


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