8 Ways to Engage Older Parents/Grandparent

Sometimes it’s tough to know how to engage with a grandparent or older parent. That’s why I have been enjoying the recent It’s Not Just Me series (Karen, Pearl, Elle, Sarah, Tanya). It’s offered ideas on how to spoil, serve, and love our older loved ones.  This week, I am taking a hiatus from the series to recap some of the gold nuggets in each of the posts. 

8 Ways to Engage Your Older Parent/Grandparent
  1. Sing with them.
  2. Take classes together (flower arranging, cake decorating, ceramics, painting, cooking, etc).
  3. Start a pen-pal friendship by writing letters to an older relative or friend.  Or connect your child with an older relative who could be a faithful pen-pal as Sarah encouraged us.
  4. Spend an hour at a local senior center, assisted living, or at an older relative’s home playing board games, checkers, or other card games. Read to a resident or family member if they no longer are able to read independently.
  5. Ask your loved one, “what do you want this holiday?” and if possible, consider granting that wish even if it seems a bit outrageous (check out Elle’s gift for her mom!) Give a gift!
  6. Take a picture with your loved one so you can capture your relationship (more than a few young adults have told me they don’t have many or any pictures with their grandparents/parents).  Then print the picture, frame it, and deliver it to your loved one (also another reason to visit). Memories are precious. Check out the sweet picture of Karen and her grandma (they both sewed the clothes they’re styling in this post).
  7. Take a walk together.  You get exercise. Your loved one gets exercise. And most likely some good natural conversation will get slipped in between.  Win-Win!
  8. Compliment them for giving you your good looks. “I got my clear good figure from you, Grandma.” That’s sure to win them over and bring a smile.  Pearl shared with us how her grandparent passed down bushy eyebrows!


These are just a few ways that you can love on older relatives in your life.  Any others I’ve missed?  If you liked today’s post, subscribe to my newsletter for more insight and inspiration!