7. It’s Not Just Me – Maria (Grandparent Edition)

Today’s post is a special one because it is PROOF of the deep impact a grandparent can have on a grandchild’s life.  Feisty. Brave. Beautiful. You might be surprised that these adjectives could describe someone in her 90’s, but better believe it!

My feature today is Maria, who is a good friend who love GIF’s and can make you laugh aloud like nobody’s business. She’s also a fellow blogger (check her out at www.simplefficientmama.com) and her story is similar to mine in that she grew up living her childhood with her grandparents, Lola and Lolo.  Though Lola passed in early 2018, I wanted to feature Maria and her sweet Lola today because it’s another example of how you can be older, yet oh so influential and oh yes!  Even beautiful. Maria, thank you thank you for sharing your sweet memories of Lola with us. I love this!


In Honor of Lola (In Maria’s words)

There are no words to describe how much Lola (grandma) has done for me and my family. So whatever I write in here, whatever emotion I emote through my words… multiply by 100 and you’ll get the idea.

I have never doubted Lola’s love for us. She basically gave up her whole life to help my family. Ama (my dad) died when we were very little and Lola and Lolo has been helping Inay (my mom) out ever since. They took care of us in the Philippines. And when there was an opportunity for us to come to the US, they left the place they knew and moved with us to help care for us. I cannot imagine how hard it was to uproot their whole lives to take care of their grandchildren. But they did.  

When people ask me how to describe Lola, the word “feisty” comes to mind. Yes, she was loving, she was caring, she was brave, she was cute, she was beautiful, she was tough, and she was the most wonderful person that you could ever meet. But I choose the word “feisty” because she was a firecracker. Even in her last days/months, I could always count on a smack to the arm or whatever she can reach if I poke (literally and figuratively) at her enough. And I loved it when she would smack me. Because no matter how annoyed she was of me, it was a smack full of love. I will miss her smacks. The best smacker in the world. Really. Hands down.

Lola was a no non-sense type of person. No one messes with her family and she will make it known. When my first ever boyfriend and I broke up and I was down in the pits she said to me, “If he tries to come back for you, you tell him to get out, you hear me?” She told me of a particular suitor that tried to win her heart before Lolo and how he broke up with her but had a change of heart and tried to come back to her. She said that she told him “Nope, you had your chance. Now get out.” See? Fiiiiiiirrreeeeecracker! That’s my Lola.

Sometimes I could be a little dramatic… I know, can you believe that? I remember of a particular time I was being extra…and I was crying/whining and telling her “I messed up and I don’t want you to be disappointed in me.” And what did she say? Lola said “shut up. stop being dramatic.” (She said it in Tagalog so I don’t exactly remember the words, but you get the idea). See? Fiiiiiirrreeeecracker! But then she gave me a hug and said to me “I am proud of you no matter what.”

One time I caught her cheating on a word find puzzle. She would just circle letters even if they didn’t make any words. I pointed it out to her and she just looked at me and said, “Huwag kang makialam!” which means, “Mind your own business!” That always made me laugh because she’s right… who am I to tell a woman how to do her word find puzzle? Firecracker.

Another time, she was playing solitaire and she was cheating so bad. She saw me looking and looked at me with her eyes as if she was saying “try me…” hahahahaha. I raised my hands in surrender and backed away slowly. She is so funny!

I will miss Lola so much. I will miss her smile. I will miss her laughter. I will miss her arms that she let me hold when I was feeling unsure of myself. I will miss her words of wisdom which she would give me straight up if I asked her for advice. I will miss her sniffing me, which is how she kisses her kids/grandkids/great-grandkids. I will miss hugging her. I will miss her smacks that comes from me hugging her too long. I will miss her telling me I’m being too loud and the smack that would follow because I will just get louder to annoy her. I will miss her presence… I will miss my Lola.