How to Bless Your Elder This Season – Gift Ideas and More

How can you bless a grandparent, parent, older neighbor or friend this season? Today I’m sharing some tips on how to love on the older people in your life this holiday season. Let’s start with some creative and meaningful gift ideas!

Gifts ideas for grandparents, parents, or older friends
  • Create a custom book (Shutterfly or something similar) with them. I love the idea of creating a short form book with your older relative or friends. The idea is to create something that they can share with others. If there are grandchildren, then this can be a intergenerational activity. Imagine. On one page display a picture and on the other page feature a question like “How did you celebrate Christmas as a child?” or “What was your favorite holiday treat as a child?” The book could include 5-10 questions. Now if your older relative or friend has a picture from their earlier years that can be used, that is GOLD! If this isn’t possible, free stock photos will do. This is a really fun and fast way to compile our elder’s history/memories. Try it!
  • Hire a photographer to take family photos. Because older adults are not at their prime, I’ve noticed that a lot of older people shy away from taking pictures. This is why hiring a photographer is key. Professional photographers know how to take great pictures; they have the tools to do it too! Have a photographer highlight the relationship everyone has with your older loved one. Grandchildren with grandparent. Adult children with parent(s). This gift idea is a winner because after the photo shoot, you can print them out and frame them and it’s like a gift that lasts forever! Why is it special? It offers your elder a visual and continual reminder that they are loved.
  • Senior Sleuths – Just last week, I discovered a subscription-based mystery game series designed especially for seniors. If you’re looking for something engaging to do with an older person, this might be worth a try! What I love about this product is that it promotes meaningful time with your love one. And who doesn’t like board games and mysteries? I love that it isn’t one game, but that every month it sends a new box. It’s a great activity for adult children and grandchildren to do with their loved ones.

How can you help an elder celebrate this Christmas?

I often wonder how many older people enjoy the Christmas season, but end up watching others celebrate it. If you’re wondering how you can help an elder celebrate this Christmas, consider asking your older relative or friend one of these questions:

  • Do you want a Christmas tree set up in your room/house but don’t have the physical strength to buy one, get it inside, and set it up?
  • Do you want to attend a Christmas concert (The Nutcracker, Handel’s Messiah, Christmas Eve service) but don’t feel comfortable driving at night?
  • Do you enjoy giving gifts, but need help buying them, wrapping them, or delivering them? Maybe you need help brainstorming some gift ideas?
  • Do you have any Christmas treats you used to make and like to have on hand to give to friends/family? (A friend just helped me to this to the list).

The point is maybe we could help our older friends and relatives set up a tree, offer them a ride to a Christmas event, help them buy/wrap/deliver gifts, or bring ingredients and baking supplies to their house to bake batches of Christmas fudge with them. Let’s include our elders in our celebrations and make this season extra special!

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