Helping Seniors Exercise During the Coronavirus Outbreak

If you have a grandparent, parent, or elderly friend who could use some cheer/exercise, then you’re in the right place. I’ve created some simple exercises to keep their bodies strong and moving. They can be used by all activity levels. Even better, my kids helped me with this, which I’m sure your grandparent/parent will LOVE!

Before I get into exercise, I think it’s important to remember how hard it can be when all the fun activities you love come to a halt. For the older people in our lives, coffee every morning, babysitting grandchildren, volunteer activities. All of that has stopped or dramatically changed. 

So, although my skills are dusty, I decided to go back to my Senior Fitness days! Yes, yes, yes. I’m bringing back my senior fitness skills (for a limited time) to bless seniors all around. 

Day 1: See below.

Day 2: Click HERE.

Day 3: Click HERE.

In terms of strength training, I also wanted to show you what type of equipment we often used when doing Senior Fitness. Therabands (*this is an affiliate link) are convenient to have at home, but are a great way to incorporate strength training in a workout (whether for seniors or not!) There are a ton of different brands that you could look into that might be cheaper. The nice thing about Therabands (*this is an affiliate link) is that it has three different colors. Each color represents a different resistance, meaning they can change the bands to make an exercise harder (aka more resistance). 

  • Wondering how to get your grandparent/parent to exercise? Check out this post.

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