Topics to Talk About: Your History

What do you talk to grandparents about? And how much of your family history do you know? How much of your parents’ life can you recall? Would you be able to share it with a friend or your children (future children)? What details are you missing?  

If you are blessed to have a living grandparent or parent around, then you need to know that God has given you a gift. You have a direct source to your family history—for now, that is.

Having experienced this personally and professionally, I have come to learn a hard reality. Here it is: tomorrow, our older family members may not be here to share their story. They could die, yes. But they could also experience a traumatic event that impairs their ability to communicate. Do you get it?? Whatever your family history is like (yes it may be messy), learning about it NOW is important because tomorrow is never a guarantee. 

Start asking. Want some questions to start?

And so, my charge to you is this-start asking your older family members some questions. For example, have you ever wondered…

  • What was your parent/grandparent’s childhood home like?
  • How many siblings did they have?
  • What type of family did they come from?
  • How did your parents/grandparents meet?
  • What was their wedding like?
  • What were their first jobs?
  • What was your parents’/grandparents’ wedding like?
  • Where did the live throughout their lives?
  • How did they end up where they live now?
  • What were their parents and siblings like?
  • What were their hobbies and what did they enjoy doing when they were younger?
  • What were the major events that happened throughout their life?


Whether you write these down and make a book, or simply record your conversation over audio, THESE are the types of questions that will lead to super interesting conversations, ones that you will remember for years to come. Your grandparents and parents will be honored that you took the time to hear their story. They will also gain a sense of peace knowing they have been given the time to share it.

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