5 ways grandparents can support grandchildren this school year

Grandparents are missing their grandchildren this year! Here are FIVE ways, grandparents can say involved with their grandchildren and support them emotionally and possibly academically.

1. Send them mail.

Mail grandchildren letters/cards regularly to encourage them. Even if you don’t get a response, don’t be discouraged. Keep sending it and slip in questions to see how your grandchild is doing. Getting mail can be super fun and this will be something grandchild will begin to look forward to. 

2. Practice spelling with them. 

If your grandchild is younger, offer to call every week to help them with their spelling. Grandparents can dictate spelling words to the grandchild over the phone or using video chat. Then have your child spell words aloud back to their grandparent or write it on paper. 

3. Have them read to you (or read to them!)

Schedule time to have your grandchild read a book or passage to you to practice their reading. You don’t have to present it as school work and if they are shy, your adult child may be present in the beginning. With time, they will feel more comfortable. I have found that grandparents can be some of the most attentive and supportive audiences—this makes reading much more fun!   

4. Tell them your best stories.

       Sometimes you may not realize it, but as a grandparent and older adult, you have some of the best stories to tell. Spend some time thinking about some stories you would like to share with your grandchildren and perhaps ask them to help you to document some (some writing practice, if they are old enough). Stories can come from events in your life, but you could also consider sharing what life was like when you were a kid. 

Grandparent prompt: 

What are your favorite games to play? Do you know what my favorite game to play when I was a kid? How many rooms are in your house, Ben? Guess what my house was like when I was a kid? 

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