How can you get your grandparent/parent to exercise?

I’ve been an athlete since I started playing soccer in 4th grade and fitness is important to me. During my time working in the Senior Fitness world, I remember hearing adult children who were so frustrated with how their parents would not exercise! Do you have the same issue? 

Your motivation may be right, but helping our seniors exercise requires understanding them. If you’re trying to encourage your loved one to exercise, then remember these two things:


In the following video I created, I talk about the amazing group of ladies at my gym who faithfully went to water aerobics class every MWF. Why did they go? Yes, for exercise. But I’m fairly sure it was even more for COMMUNITY.  

For many older adults, nothing beats family. They love being with their children and grandchildren. That’s you! If they had the choice to go exercise or hang out with you, they would choose YOU. If you are trying to encourage your parents/grandparents to move, then remember that nagging them is so counterproductive.  

If you want your parent/grandparent to exercise, then find a way to do it with them. 

That’s why training for a marathon was much easier when I trained with a local running group. Because relationships encourage us to keep going. Show your parents/grandparents they are valued, by finding ways to exercise with them!

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