Super Bowl LV: How About That?

I used to watch football and tonight I remembered why! Behind the exciting plays and action is sacrifice, hours of hard work, sweat, tears, and my favorite, the perseverance to fall and then GET BACK UP again.

In sports, we see what’s possible. We see athletes defy the odds. Tonight, Tom Brady and Coach Bruce Arians defied the odds in another way. Tonight, they reminded us not to overlook people simply because of age. 

Tom Brady and Coach Bruce Arians showed the world how being older is no excuse to quit.

Tom Brady at 43 years old (when most people claim they’re too old to do anything) is now the oldest player to win the Super Bowl. Coach Bruce Arians at 68 years old (when many people believe someone is past their prime) is the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl. 

If you hang around enough older friends or family members, you learn not to undervalue the older population. Hopefully now, football has taught the world the same. 

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