What You Don’t Know About Working Senior Care – Part 1

Healthcare workers are being hailed as heroes, but  do we know what they’re really going through? Most people don’t know what it’s like to work inside a senior care organization. And even fewer know what it’s like serving seniors during COVID. 

Out of respect to those I interviewed, I am not including the specific details of who or where these senior care professionals are employed. This allows me to give you an unfiltered look at the life of a senior care professional during the pandemic.

Inside an Assisted Living Community

When you spend enough time in the senior care world, you realize that senior care professionals are often the MOST kind and compassionate people around. But sometimes compassion for others really does come at a price. This friend of mine works at a large assisted living community that serves well over 50 older adults. 

1. What is the hardest thing about caring for residents during COVID?

“As an employee, it is hard to see the residents separated from family being that family is my everything.  While we provide Facetime, outside visits and even minimal indoors visits, it is still not the same…but what is the same since Covid took over?”

“On a positive note, all of my interactions and relationships with each resident has grown and in some cases these residents are my extended family.  The highlight of my day is when I am out of my office and take a break to work a puzzle with someone, or get that favorite cup of tea just the way my resident loves it.”

As a mom/wife, it scares me each and every day I arrive home thinking I could possibly be bringing Covid home to my family.  This has not been easy for anyone however we are all in this together.  Proud, thankful and honored to work with my team and have the love/health of my family!”

Note: If you aren't sure what assisted living is, I created the video below for you.

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