Ep 6 – 5 Ways to Love Older Family or Friends

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Show notes (description):

Have you seen an older person struggling with life and wanted so bad to help? What can I do to help? Well, in the next few episodes, I’m going so practical and going to give you a framework to help you figure out how you can bless an older friends, family member or neighbor.

I’m using Dr. Gary Chapman’s book called The Five Love Languages as a framework. You’ll be able to use this in the future anytime you want to bless an older family or friend. 
In today’s episode:
  • Hear about what Dr. Chapman said directly to me when I was a guest on his show. 
  • Find out what COVID has done to improve the way we relate to older family & friends.
  • What we forget when it comes to relationships. 
Info about Dr. Gary Chapman:
Wondering how you can bless older people in your life or community? Grab a copy of my book, The Value of Wrinkles: A Young Perspective on How Loving the Old Will Change Your Life.

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