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Ep 7 – Annie, 31, Sister Power

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Show notes (description):

In today’s episode, we get to hear from Annie and the impact that two sisters have had on her life. Dot + Ellie as some special ladies. 

In today’s episode:
  • Meet Annie MacIntyre, who is 31, loves gardening and fostering dogs! 
  • Hear about the impact that two sisters had on her life. 
  • Dot + Ellie were 2 of 7 kids, so hear what Annie shares about that. 
  • I’ll also share how sibling conflict is something to think about when you care for aging parents. 
Info about Annie’s company, Dot + Ellie
  • Dot+Ellie Companion Services LLC offers the elder care arena with appropriate support, companionship, and services to aid independent, at-home seniors and their families. Whether it be an advocating voice to help navigate care resources, a ride to an appointment, a fun day planned around specific interests, or a listening ear, D+E supports seniors to maintain an active, engaged lifestyle for years to come.
  • Located in Maynard, Massuchusetts.
  • Find out about Annie and check out her company at
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