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Ep 9 – Sarah, 32, Weddings + Grandparents

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Show notes (description):

How do you involve grandparents in special occasions like weddings? July is the month of weddings, so listen in for a fun and sweet story of how one grandchild, Sarah Nord, included her grandparents on her special day. 

In today’s episode:
  • Meet Sarah Nord, who is 32, is an occupational therapist, has a cat, and loves tiny house!
  • Hear about how she included her grandparents on her most special day.
  • Learn how I failed as a flower girl.
  • I’ll share whether I think intergenerational living is really the best way to care for our seniors.
  • I’ll share with you one resource that I recently found that allows us to involve our older loved on special occasions.  

Connect with Sarah:

  • Website: 
  • Instagram: @sensoryfordementia
  • FB: @ sensoryfordementia
  • Check out the educational programs Sarah programs nationwide.

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