Ep 12 – The 5 Love Languages + Receiving Gifts

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Gifts have the power to lift someone UP! Today’s episode is all about using gifts to love our grandparents and older friends. 

What is a gift? A gift is something you can hold in your hand. It makes someone say “He remembered me!” or “She thought of me!” Learn today how gifts can be used to bless an older person. (check out the chapter from The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman to learn more. 

Today, my friends at WinterGrowth Adult Day Program share some gifts they’ve received that they will never forget! A special thanks to Becky Donahue and Leasha Nicholson for helping to arrange this! 


Gifts can be helpful in these FOUR situations

  • When you have a difficult relationship/baggage with an older person
  • When you don’t know the older person that well
  • When you’re not in a good spot emotionally or mentally to have meaningful conversations (medical school, motherhood, health issues of your own)
  • When you don’t speak the same language (maybe our grandparent speaks Chinese and you don’t speak a lick) 

5 MEANINGFUL Gift Ideas for an Older Family Member or Friend 


  1. The Gift of Self – Your presence and undivided attention (also known as quality time) is a gift that conveys LOVE to your family member of friend clearly. 
  2. Photos – If you have a photo of you and your grandparent, you and your older parent, gift it to them! If you do not have a picture with this person, then the next time you visit, ask them to take a photo. “Can we take a picture together?” Print it and then gift it to them. 
  3. Write something about them – I have yet to meet an older adult who doesn’t think about the legacy they will one day leave behind. When you take the time to interview a grandparent/parent/friend and document it, they feel seen and heard. They also can share this with other family and friends. It need not be a memoir. Maybe a short piece about where they grew up. Get creative. This is just the beginning! 
  4. Something practical – What makes their life easier? Motion censored lights, bags that have many pockets, maybe a Hydroflask that is leak-proof. 
  5. A piece of artwork – Commission someone or go to Etsy.com to find someone who can watercolor a picture of their family home, their favorite vacation spot, or pet that means so much to them. 

Mentioned in today’s episode

Wondering how you can bless older people in your life or community? Grab a copy of my book, The Value of Wrinkles: A Young Perspective on How Loving the Old Will Change Your Life.

Learn how to submit an audio clip of your older friend/family member by visiting https://isabeltom.com/2021/05/04/podcastsubmission/,

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