5 Gift Ideas for Grandparents (for holidays or whenever)

grandparent gifts

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You want to give your grandparent a gift that is meaningful, but you’re unsure of what they’d appreciate. Gifts are powerful ways to express love to your grandparents. Here’s the deal– your grandparents will appreciate almost anything you give them because it shows that you, as the grandchild, thought of them! Listen to Episode 12 of The Value of Wrinkles podcast to hear how the love language of GIFTS can be used to bless our grandparents.

Here are FIVE gift ideas that you can use for any holiday (Grandparents Day, Christmas, New Years, or Monday through Sunday!)  

1. Give Them with “The Gift of Self”

Your grandparents probably have most everything they need. What they will appreciate most is the gift of YOU. When you set aside time to spend quality time with your grandparent or older friend, this speaks volumes. The Gift of SELF or gift of your presence is a gift your grandparent will love. It’s FREE and extremely meaningful. Listen to Episode 10 from The Value of Wrinkles podcast to find ways to do this! 

2. Gift a Picture (unframed even!)

Take pictures with your grandparent often. Then, print them out and gift them as “just because” gifts or on special occasions. Our grandparents experience the death of friends, siblings, and spouses as they age. One of the best gifts we can give them is the reminder that they are not alone. The reminder that they’re loved. Gift your grandparent a picture of the two of you. It will cost less than a $1 to print, yet that picture will say “You MATTER” loud and clear. 

3. Write About Them 

One grandchild I met wrote a 2-page bio about her grandfather. She shared how she saw him light UP when she handed it to him! That led this grandchild to schedule another interview with her grandpa from which she created a longer more detailed account of her grandpa’s life. Though this granddaughter wasn’t that close with her grandpa prior, she shared with me how her grandpa got emotional when she gave him a 20-page document she had written about his life. When you take the time to hear and write down your grandparent’s story, they are blessed. Because leaving legacy is important to your grandparents. They want to be remembered. And the time you take to listen and record their story means so much. 

4. Support Them with Something Useful

As your grandparents age, have you observed or heard them complaining about certain struggles they’re experiencing? Find gifts that make their life easier. With new technology and advances, your grandparents may not know about the latest invention. Upgrade what they have.  I’ll get you started by giving you a few ideas I’d use:


5. Order Custom Art of Their Family Home 

One of the most emotionally heavy moments for many older adults is having to leave their family home. Whether or not your grandparents are needing to move out of their home to downsize or to gain more support for health issues, their home is super important to them. It carries memories including the hardships and the sweet times they have lived through. They may not even be moving out! A custom watercolor painting of their family home or a favorite vacation spot is extremely thoughtful and show that you value their storyEtsy.com is a great place to order custom hand-painted art. 

Whatever gift you give, make it thoughtful! 

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