Ep 14 – The 5 Love Languages + Acts of Service

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Show notes (description):

Today’s episode I talk about Yeye, my paternal grandpa, and what I learned about acts of service.

In today’s episode, I discuss:

  • The word “burden” and how it affects how we love someone through acts of service.
  • How grandchildren and those who are NOT primary caregivers are in a position to show the older person how valuable they are.
  • Why one woman was sad when her adult children came over and she always had a list for them. 
  • a plethora of ways you can serve the older person in your life. 
  • How Lucy (@lucygoesadventuring) who I met on Instagram serves her grandparents (LOVE this idea and how she still serves her grandparents from a distance).

20 Ways or MORE to Serve an Older Adult

  • Mow their lawn.
  • Shovel their walkway when it snows.
  • Help them with exterior painting (of course indoor is a possibility too). 
  • Offer to hang up holiday decorations.
  • Offer to help them set up a Christmas tree.
  • Could you help them string outdoor lights? 
  • Help to purchase stamps at the post office during the holiday season. 
  • Teach them or help them order items online. 
  • Be a Helpdesk for them with technology!
  • Take 2 minutes to carry their groceries into their house so they don’t have to take 20 trips (just 2?)
  • Offer to pick up groceries for them.
  • Move their trash bins out to the curb and back.
  • Be a reliable handyman or car mechanic (or at least a second opinion).
  • Help them set up a garden.
  • Change a lightbulb. 
  • Ask if they want help rearranging or moving furniture. 
  • Make freezer meals with them and for them (This idea is from @Lucygoesadventuring on Instagram! if you’re long distance and only get to visit once in awhile, this makes so much sense!)
  • Offer to drive them to appointments
  • Offer to drive them to the store.
  • Offer to drive them to church.
  • Offer to drive them to meet an old friend. 
  • Offer to drive them to their favorite bakery, restaurant, or spot.
What meaningful ways have you used acts of service to show your grandparents and parents you care? Go to my contact page to send me some of your ideas! 

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