Ep 15 – Cecille Valoria, Filipino Greetings + Flowers

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Show notes (description):

Today’s episode covers:

  • How does Asian culture pass down the value of respecting the elderly? How can you pass that value on even if you’re not Asian?
  • Listen to Cecille Valoria’s story to how she learned to respect the elderly. 
  • Hear about the organization that Cecille started called Flowers for Elders

Challenge for YOU:

  1. Who is the older person in your life who could use some encouraging?
  2. Tell them that you would like submit an audio clip of them answering a question to be featured on The Value of Wrinkles podcast. 
  3. Record them answering this question: What was your favorite season growing up? If they don’t want to be featured, then just ask them the question to spark some great conversation!
  4. Email me at thevalueofwrinkles at gmail dot com and please first introduce yourself! Be sure to attach the audio clip.  
  5. You will receive an email to inform you that your submission will be used!
Cecille's grandparents

Info about today’s guest, Cecille Valoria:

Need guidance on how to love your grandparent or aging parent? 

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