Ep 21 – Betty Mills, 79, Clean During Commercials

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Show notes (description):

You never know what you’ll get when you have conversations with the older people in your life. It was so fun to hear Betty Mill’s memories. And it was a fun surprise to also get some practical tips for the cleaning every single one of us has to do. Share this episode with your friends who need some cleaning inspiration!

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In today's episode

  • You get to meet Betty Mills, 79. She loves to play on her computer, knit, and crochet, though her joints are bothering her. 
  • Betty tell us she doesn’t really care about housekeeping anymore. 
  • Hear how Betty’s family ended up getting a TV (it has to do with royalty!)
  • Invite the kids or friends who don’t love cleaning to listen in!  Betty shares two practical tips from her younger life about cleaning around the house. 

Things mentioned in this episode:

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