One powerful way to love on your older grandchild.

Write them a letter! They may be older, but they could still use some extra attention, love, and encouragement.

Download a FREE guide with prompts and fun questions. 

Let’s start writing!

Want to share your wisdom and fun pastimes with MORE young adults?

The Value of Wrinkles is starting a podcast in 2021 and I’d love to share your thoughts with our listeners

If you are 65 or older, I invite you to share with me a lesson/tip or something about life when you were “our” age”.  

1. Use a smart phone or have a younger family or friend help you record a brief audio clip.

2. In the clip, Introduce yourself (first name and age, because we want to know!) and then share a lesson, tip, or insight from life when you were “our” age. 

3. Email the clip to (By sending in your audio clip, you give permission to be featured on The Value of Wrinkles podcast.) 

4. Listen in and you might be included in a future podcast episode!